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Who are we ?

We believe that our Agriculture will be transformed in the coming years and will become healthier, more diverse, more sustainable.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will help us to support this transformation by unlocking the potential of sensors. This will change the way we're working today.

At Gentleman Scientist, besides being able to use cutting-edge algorithms, we're first experts in Agricultural Innovation. Let's work together to solve your hardest issues through Data Science and re-invent the way you're working !


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See'Cow is a project developed in February 2018 during the two-days Hackathon of API-AGRO in Paris. It visualizes key datas of a dairy farm concerning the production and the health of the herd. Future develoments would have included insight on the ecological value of cows. Demo is available here .

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Harveez Project

Harveez is a project about sourcing ingenious innovations in Food and Agriculture. In 2016, we have produced a report detailing the 8 hottest trends in Agriculture and analyzed more than 100 startups. Click here for more details

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Realized in 2017 during the "Entrepreneur d'Intérêt Général" program for the French Agency for Developement ("Agence Française de Développement), is a dataviz platform based on open data from differents providers like World Bank or USAID. Click here for a demo !

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Deep Learning for Plant Science

Coming soon.

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